WHAT ON EARTH is piers morgan defending?

Piers Morgan has been very vocal in his public opposition to Veganism. He constantly uses nonsense justifications for his consumption of animal products with no real understanding of what he’s actually defending. He’s been known to challenge and bully vegans on his show Good Morning Britain and has shown no remorse for his contribution to the plight of animals used for food. 


So, what exactly is Piers Morgan defending when he opposes Veganism?

What exactly Is Piers making fun of when he makes light of animal product consumption?

What does Piers openly support when he defends animal agriculture? 

Piers Morgan is defending the most horrific systematic torture, abuse and murder of trillions of sentient, feeling animals annually.

Here’s some of the practices of UK Farming that Piers Morgan so passionately defends.

Piers Morgan is defending the main cause of most of the top 15 leading killers of human beings. The eating of animal products being the most significant contributor to all-cause mortality in the human population.


Piers Morgan so passionately defends a system that literally is the main contributor to the number one killer of humans, heart disease. Here’s a talk by Dr Micheal Gregor highlighting the leading causes of death.


Be careful what you openly defend Piers. 

And finally, Piers Morgan so passionately and publicly defends the biggest contributor to environmental destruction. Nothing comes close to animal agriculture when it comes to destroying the planet. From fresh water use, land use, climate change, to ocean pollution and the leading cause of Amazon deforestation.


Animal agriculture is behind it all. Piers definitely knows about this destruction to some extent, so the question remains, why would he openly defend it? 

WHAT ON EARTH is piers morgan defending?

The answer is ALL of the above. 


Thankfully not everyone is like Piers. 


What do you defend? 


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